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RPG's purpose is to offer leadership, legislative direction and educational resources to help members provide quality renal nutrition therapy.

RPG promotes continuing education programs for renal dietitians and is an information resource for those who specialize and work in renal nutrition. The practice group includes renal dietitians working with AKI (acute kidney injury), chronic kidney disease (stages 1-5), adult, adolescent and pediatric dialysis, as well as kidney transplant patients.

A Message from the Chair

Welcome 2017-2018! The Academy’s Centennial year and the RPG’s 40th Birthday is a “happening” year to embrace the role of Chair for this committed group of renal professionals in the Renal Practice Group. I gave a great deal of thought to our RPG’s past growth and accomplishments and on our vision: “RPG members are the valued source of expertise in nephrology nutrition” and what it means.  It entails four goals within our (RPGs) strategic plan:

  • The public trusts and chooses RPG members as the food and nephrology nutrition experts
  • RPG members optimize the health of individuals and populations served
  • Members and prospective members view RPG as vital to professional success
  • RPG’s Executive Committee manages the practice group resources to carry out its mission, vision and program of work

Propelling to the future we must focus on embracing diversity, communication and visibility to succeed. This ultimately means moving beyond the confines that we are used to working within and find a means of networking with “all” of our renal partners as we are typically seeking common goals and it is within this collaboration and networking that we can achieve greater goals and accomplishments for both healthcare providers and patients.  We are seeking to expand on strengths and opportunities by expanding innovation and creative approaches in communication through platforms in social media, our website, the Forum and education. 

By placing emphasis on utilizing expertise, growth and development accomplished through both the creativity and enhancement of positions, we’ll promote future progression and expansion.  This ‘redesign’ of who we are as the RPG executive committee members prepares us to ‘step up’ and meet the challenges of tomorrow. These challenges include missions of global impact and security. The “Mission” of the Academy is “Accelerate improvements in global health and well-being through food and nutrition” and if we are to drill down on the Principles, these focus on Research, Collaboration, Wellness and the last 2:

  • Have a global impact in eliminating all forms of malnutrition
  • Amplify the contribution of nutrition practitioners and expand workforce capacity and capability

In regards to the last two Principles and in the renal community, Renal Dietitians are VITAL to both healthcare professionals and patient outcomes/QOL. Thus it is imperative that collaboration and networking among Dietitians becomes successful for future growth/impact.

RPG continues to grow and we are looking forward to comments and suggestions. We are excited to grow the future with RPG with the renal community. It’s a special year to be involved with RPG and the Academy! Happy 40th Birthday to RPG and Happy Centennial to the Academy!

AnnaMarie Rodriguez, RDN, LD
Chair, Renal Practice Group

Renal Dietitians (RPG) includes Registered Dietitians who provide renal nutrition therapy interventions and nutrition education/counseling in dialysis facilities, freestanding clinics, hospitals, private practice and community education.

Renal Dietitians is a dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.