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Take advantage of the CPEU opportunities available as an RPG member.  Did  you know that every issue of the peer-reviewed Renal Nutrition Forum (RNF) offers CPEUs?

Important note about CPEU offerings for RPG members.  The CPEU offerings available on the RPG website for the webinars and approved Renal Nutrition Forum articles are available to current members ONLY.  The expiration date on the approved CPEUs has nothing to do with access to membership benefits such as CPEU offerings.  For example, if you were a member last year and are currently not a member then you will not have access to the RPG member’s only benefit simply because the CPEU expiration date is listed as 2017.  Any CPEUs that a current member chooses to complete must be done during an active and current membership year and cannot be completed when an individual is no longer an active RPG member.

Educational Webinars

One of the great member benefits of RPG membership are the discounted webinars prices for members. This includes the new & updated CSR Webinar Series.

Please visit this section to learn more and visit the online store to purchase one or even several!


Viewing Difficulty: If you are having difficulty viewing a CPEU program or webinar recordings, please contact

Please include the following:

(a) the type of device (iPad, PC,..); (b) the operating system (Windows 7 or XP, Mac OS); (c) and the Internet Browser & it's version (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 27.0.1,...). 

This information will help us resolve the issue. If you are having difficulty viewing a program on a work computer, we advise you to try to view the program on your personal computer as work computers have higher security settings and prevent viewing of certain sites/programs.

Mac Users:

Check your Safari settings (on desktop/laptop):

1) Open Safari on which quiz is not working; 2) Go to Safari setting; 3) Click on preferences;

4) Under Privacy tag >> Block cookies, you can see three options "From third party and advertisers", "Always" and "Never";

5) Make sure Block cookies set to "Never".

Safari Settings (on iPad/iPhone):

1) Open iPad settings; 2) Select Safari; 3) In Privacy >> Accept Cookies, you can see three options "From visited", "Always" and Never? 5. Make sure Accept Cookies set to "Always".

Renal Dietitians (RPG) includes Registered Dietitians who provide renal nutrition therapy interventions and nutrition education/counseling in dialysis facilities, freestanding clinics, hospitals, private practice and community education.

Renal Dietitians is a dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.